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Consumer Testimonials

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I just ordered another Solo Rolling Laptop Case for my husband. Why? This week he was taking out the trash and left his computer bag behind his car. He forgot about the computer bag and  BACKED HIS CAR UP OVER IT--laptop and all. Although the bag looks pretty much trashed, his MacPro computer, cord, and clickers all survived inside apparently unscathed. He was totally dejected because, as he says, he loved that bag--just the right size and not too small. Space for books, pens, computer, PDA, iPod. You name it. And, with wheels that make it easier on his bum shoulder. However, I just said thank heavens he had that particular Solo bag--strong enough to support even a 1.4 ton VW Golf!

A testament to a very rugged briefcase and a very fortunate owner.

Janet/West Hartford, CT

I purchased a laptop bag a few years ago and have used it constantly. It is comfortable and easy to use. Thank you.

But it was a certain incident I wanted to thank you about in particular. Just this morning, as I was helping some guests and family into the car, I foolishly leaned my bag up against the side of the car. As I helped everyone  get the baby into the car, I forgot about my bag and proceeded to back out of the driveway. That’s right, you guessed it, as I turned the wheel to turn onto the street the front left tire ran over the bag with my computer inside. As I felt the bump as the car rolled over the bag. I took a moment to inspect the tire marks on the bag and quickly opened the case. I frantically pulled out my laptop and upon seeing no visible damage I did the most important check -- I pressed the power button. Without hesitation my computer hummed to life and I am now sending you a message on that same computer. Thank you for making a quality product. You have a customer for life.

John Annacotty/Ireland

I must say that this experience has been fantastic! I know the importance of good service and of good attention to the customer, and I am thrilled with your help. In the future, I will make sure to mention to friends and colleagues the quality of your support (and product); and I will personally make future purchases from you, regardless of price differential or other factors. Many thanks for your kind attention in this matter!

Sam/Boston, MA

I have your Solo ladies briefcase and I just wanted to tell you I LOVE IT!!! It is a great bag and I have gotten so much use out of it---I carry it about everyday!!

Thank you for making such a nice product at a reasonable price!!

Jane/Chicago, IL

I just received your tan colored rolling laptop case, and I wanted to tell you how fanstastic I think the bag is. Despite its amazingly value price, the quality and feel of the bag are just wonderful. I have been looking for a bag that meets my travel and work needs, this bag has surpassed my hopes and expectations.

Thank you for designing and producing such a great bag!

Lawrence/Sheffield, MA
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